Creating An Effective Employment Screening Policy

  •  02/27/2018
  • By Andrea Collatz
  •  Credit history , Criminal Background , Employer , Infographics

Finding and keeping high-quality employees is integral to small business success. In order to make an informed hiring decision, hiring managers should utilize pre-employment background checks that provide pertinent, timely information.

Creating a consistent employment screening policy can be challenging, but having a system in place for your screening processes is crucial. Taking the time to nail down a cost-effective policy now can pay dividends later.

Learn about the components of an employment screening policy below:

Creating An Effective Employment Screening Policy [INFOGRAPHIC] 

Creating An Effective Employment Screening Policy

A detailed employment screening policy can help you land a qualified employee that brings value to your business. ShareAble for Hires is the small business owner’s solution for pre-employment screening. Our detailed, FCRA-compliant reports offer criminal records and employer credit checks delivered in minutes. Manage your business risk with our employment screening package.

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