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Price was: $35

  • Instant State and County Check

  • Federal Watch Lists

  • National Sex Offender Registry

  • National Most Wanted

  • Transunion Instant Match

  • FCRA and State Filters

Background Check Plus

Background & Identity Report


Price was: $50

  • Instant State and County Check

  • Federal Watch Lists

  • National Sex Offender Registry

  • National Most Wanted

  • Transunion Instant Match

  • FCRA and State Filters

  • Fraud Alerts Check

  • Name & SSN Match Report

  • Deceased Persons SSN Check

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Frequently Asked Questions:

ShareAble for Hires searches millions of national and state criminal records. Data includes 43 state background checks, “most wanted” databases and National Sex Offender Public Registry.

  • Instant criminal data in 43 states*
  • Information from local and state jurisdictions
  • FBI’s National Most Wanted
  • National Sex Offender Public Registry
  • U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)

Checking your nanny’s background can help you hire a trustworthy child caregiver and is an important facet of pre-employment screening for nannies. Once you’ve found a prospective nanny for your family, you can order a nanny background check to verify their identity and check their criminal record and credit history. Your nanny should be made aware that their offer of employment is contingent upon the results of their background check.

If you are questioning where to get a background check then look to ShareAble.  The employment background results that you receive are designed to comply with the FCRA as well as both state and federal laws. 

Once you believe you’ve found someone who will care for your child, you should consider doing some screening. This is because you want to be confident that your loved one is in safe hands..

ShareAble for Hires criminal background checks provide detailed criminal histories, credit reports, and identity verification results on any person who agrees to share their information with you. By giving you clear information on the kinds of offenses a possible hire may have committed, you’ll have greater peace of mind when making hiring decisions.

Our advanced system then scans millions of entries across numerous criminal and credit databases to verify their records. Reports are emailed by TransUnion to both you and the nanny, near instantly, so you can make that hiring decision sooner than later.

This is ultimately your decision. What shows up on a background check can be helpful to make your decision. Credit checks are a useful way of seeing if your applicant is financially responsible, and education verification is important for verifying that your candidate has the skills necessary to perform their caregiving responsibilities.

ShareAble is designed to be fast. Screening can be done all online and completed same day.

Unlike traditional background checks, ShareAble for Hires returns the results of your nanny screening within minutes. This gives you the ability to fast-track your nanny hiring process. Simply provide your nanny’s email address, and we’ll send over a request for authorization and identity verification. The moment your nanny provides authorization and verification of identity, we’ll process the background check and send you the results – within minutes.

You can use ShareAble for Hires at anytime, anywhere to run nanny caregiver background checks.

  • No arcane application process
  • No onerous paperwork
  • No need to call to sign up
  • No waiting to transact
  • No delay to get your reports

Just as importantly, you can be confident that your nanny is who they say they are with the ShareAble identity check report. This report is designed to save you time and effort by skipping the need to conduct off-line manual verifications. 

As part of the process, the applicant is required to give ShareAble their name, address, date of birth and social security number. The Identity Report compares that personal information that the applicant provided against data in TransUnion databases to determine if these elements match.

The Identity Report also checks for fraud alerts to see if the applicant’s social security number may have been used improperly. Key among the fraud alerts is checking to see if your applicant’s SSN has ever been used in a death benefits claim.

When your loved one’s safety is placed into someone else’s hands, you’ll want to be confident that you’ve got the right person for the job. ShareAble can help you by giving you a way to conveniently screen your nanny caretaker with more confidence than just using your gut.

ShareAble for Hires offers a variety of useful reports to help you feel confident your applicant is truly qualified, capable, and trustworthy.

When you are ready to screen, we are ready to help. ShareAble expedites the process by delivering nearly instant background information, credit history, and identification reports.