Online identity check for employment.

1 in 16 adults* are impacted by fraud, so be more confident in your hire with our Identity Report.

*Source: McKinsey Research Javelin 2017 Identity Fraud Report

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Screen now hire on the spot.

What's in the identity check?

ShareAble for Hires uses sophisticated record matching logic to match identity checks to the applicant. This means more accurate results and fewer false positive matches.

  • Fraud alerts
  • Deceased person alerts
  • SSN check
  • Address check
  • Name check
  • DOB check

Reports delivered in minutes.


Our background checks scan millions of records.


Our reports match records to the offender.


Screen your job applicant right away.


Reports delivered in minutes after the applicant verifies their identity.


Pay as you go — no memberships or subscriptions required.


Our background checks are FCRA compliant, providing regulated data.

Straightforward Pricing

At checkout choose from the three pre-employment screening bundles

Background Check Basic

Background Report


Price was: $35

  • Instant State and County Check

  • Federal Watch Lists

  • National Sex Offender Registry

  • National Most Wanted

  • Transunion Instant Match

  • FCRA and State Filters

Background Check Plus

Background & Identity Report


Price was: $50

  • Instant State and County Check

  • Federal Watch Lists

  • National Sex Offender Registry

  • National Most Wanted

  • Transunion Instant Match

  • FCRA and State Filters

  • Fraud Alerts Check

  • Name & SSN Match Report

  • Deceased Persons SSN Check

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Save time with one-stop reporting.

The process is quick and easy: ID check is completed entirely online and reports are delivered in minutes so you don’t have to patch together information from various other sources.

Convenient and affordable.

Pay as you go with no membership or minimums, screen anytime from anywhere.

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compliant data

Compliant data.

ShareAble for Hires Identity Reports are GLBA compliant.


“The results that I get from TransUnion ShareAble puts my mind at ease, that I'm hiring a great person.”

— Nicole Simms, HR Manager, Urban Surfaces

Be more confident with your hiring decision.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Identity Report can help you save time and effort manually verifying your job applicant’s identity. As a part of the ShareAble for Hires background check process, the applicant provides ShareAble with their name, address, SSN, and date of birth. The Identity Report compares the applicant’s information to information in TransUnion’s databases and reports back on whether the elements match TransUnion’s information. The Identity Report also checks fraud alerts and deceased person alerts, which can help indicate whether an applicant has been a victim of fraud. Key among these fraud alerts is a check whether the applicant’s SSN may have been used in a death benefits claim.

The Identity Report checks the applicant’s entered information against information in TransUnion’s databases. This includes the applicant’s name, address, social security number, and date of birth. The ID Report also checks for any fraud alerts and deceased person alerts associated with the applicant’s entered information.

Identity Report can be returned for anyone who has a consumer file with TransUnion. Applicants with no or light information in TransUnion’s databases may not return an Identity Report result.

No, Identity Report cannot be used as a basis for denying an applicant and is not adverse actionable. It can only be used to determine whether to request additional proof of identity from an applicant.

The alerts can assist you in determining whether additional investigation is appropriate into the applicant’s background. You can also request additional proof of identity from the applicant.

The Identity Report is available as part of our Background Check Plus package for $40, and also comes with a criminal report. It can also be purchased in our Background Check Pro package for $60, and comes with a criminal and credit report. The Identity Report cannot be purchased as a stand-alone report.