Here’s what you get:

  • SSN verification
  • Previous employment (where available)
  • Credit history
  • Accounts in poor standing
  • Level of debt
  • Recent applications for credit
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Benefits to You

credit reports delivered fast
Results in Minutes

ShareAble for Hires delivers credit reports in minutes so you can make hiring decisions quickly. Reports are available online, 24/7, and can be accessed from any tablet, desktop or mobile device.

pre-employment credit checks by TransUnion
Compliant Data

Credit reports for employee screening are delivered direct from TransUnion, a trusted credit reporting agency that handles 230 million credit files domestically.

full employee credit checks
Detailed Credit Report

You receive a detailed credit report formatted exclusively for pre-employment screening. Credit reports may include information such as accounts sent to collections, employment history (where available), level of debt, & prior addresses.

streamlined credit background check process
No Lengthy Approval Process

Skip the lengthy paperwork and setup process typically required to check an employee’s credit history. All you need to start screening is your applicant’s email address.


  • Background Check Plus


  • Transunion Subject Selection
  • TransUnion Identity Verification
  • National Sex offender registry
  • National Most Wanted
  • Federal Watch Lists
  • Instant State and County Check
  • FCRA and State Filters
  • Deceased Persons SSN Check
  • Fraud Alerts Check
  • Name & SSN Match Report
  • Background Check Basic


  • TransUnion Identity Verification
  • National Sex offender registry
  • National Most Wanted
  • Federal Watch Lists
  • Instant State and County Check
  • FCRA and State Filters

ShareAble for Hires offers straightforward, pay as you go pricing with no hidden fees, no setup fees, and no minimums. Whether you screen once or 100 times per year, you only pay when you use it. Ready to see what’s in your applicant’s background?

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ShareAble for Hires: Credit Checks for Employees

For small business owners and employers, it is important to know as much as possible about a job candidate’s background before he or she joins your company.

Of course, a record of relevant criminal behavior is critical information, but a thorough review of the candidate should include a credit background check as well. This information can be especially relevant in situations where the applicant is being considered for a high-level executive position or a job involving significant control of company finances.

There are many reasons why to use a credit report for pre employment screening as a way to learn more about your potential new hire. You can get access to credit-based information to:

  • Evaluate level of financial responsibility
  • Review financial habits to how they handle money
  • Ability to manage money and budgets
  • Determine fiscal trustworthiness and dependability
  • Help you to better determine risk

What exactly does a credit check for employment involve? ShareAble for Hires focuses on an all-encompassing financial background check that includes:

    • Tradeline summary of active accounts and credit lines
    • Any debts incurred such as credit card debt, mortgage and car payments, student loans or other types of bank loans
    • Payment history, including late payments
    • Reported prior employment*

*Not all employment history may be available or contained within a credit report

Additionally, when reading a credit report for employment, our credit background check report includes information on unpaid bills that have been turned over to a collection agency; and/or any other credit inquiries that have been made concerning the prospective job candidate. Plus our employment credit report comes in an easy-to-read format that is mobile-friendly. And since the entire process is online, it is completely accessible anywhere, anytime.

As a busy business owner, operator or employer, you need an effective, efficient and reliable employer credit check screening solution that enables you to make the right hire, right away. TransUnion has made it easy for small businesses to complete employer credit checks fast by designing an online screening platform with your needs in mind.

ShareAble for Hires’ credit check for employment is built to ease your burden and accelerate the process without sacrificing accuracy, detail and reliability. You’ll get a solution that you can access immediately with straightforward pricing that delivers reliable reports while ensuring a candidate-friendly process.

It is available immediately. With ShareAble for Hires, you’ll have fast access to employment credit checks. The entire process is online and accessible 24/7 from your desktop or mobile device. Plus, we don’t have onerous inspection requirements, therefore you can screen as soon as you create your account. Traditionally, small business owners didn’t have direct access to credit-based tools. However, pre-employment credit checks from ShareAble for Hires is different than most other screening services for employment. We use our “push” technology that enables the job applicant to send their information securely via TransUnion to the employer.

Fast signup. Our streamlined process enables you start checking credit for employment in a matter of minutes. You simply create your account online. To initiate pre-employment screening services, you simply need your applicant’s email address. Through the ShareAble for Hires platform, you will email your applicant and invite your prospective employee to accept your screening request. The applicant logs-in and fills out their information and authenticates their identity. Upon completion, then your employment credit report is made available to you immediately. Since ShareAble for Hires has built-in identity verification, you’ll also have complete confidence that the reports you receive are the correct ones.

Forget the hassle. We’ve shifted most of the paperwork burden to the applicant in an effort to free up your time. All you need to initiate pre-employment screening is just the applicant’s email address.

No hidden fees. Our pricing is straight-forward. We don’t charge a fee to sign-up. Unlike other pre-employment screening companies, we also don’t charge pricey upfront fees in order to get access to our solution. Our pricing is “pay-per-use”, so you’ll only pay for the reports you want and you’ll only pay when you need to use it.

Candidate-friendly process. ShareAble for Hires understands the sensitivity involved in conducting a pre-employment background check. We fulfill our obligation to employers seeking a thorough pre-employment credit check, and we protect candidate privacy and assist employers by providing FCRA-compliant consumer reports. Through an online process the candidate provides his or her information to us directly which automatically generates reports to the employer. The credit report from TransUnion results in a soft-inquiry on the applicant’s credit history, which doesn’t impact their credit score. And when the screening is completed, our solution provides all applicants with copies of their employment credit report results.

Finding your next new super-star employee is no easy task, but ShareAble for Hires makes it easier for small business owners to vet their candidates and make better-informed hiring decisions with our online employee credit checks. If you are a small business owner, and wondering how to do a background check for potential employees, then consider ShareAble for Hires easy-to-use platform.  For a thorough credit check for employment, ShareAble for Hires provides a reliable, convenient, cost-effective and clear pre-employment credit checks that deliver pertinent hiring information that you need, when you need it.