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Send Request

ShareAble for Hires emails a screening request to your applicant.


ID Verification

The applicant enters their personal information and their identity is authenticated.


Reports Delivered

The reports are delivered to you.

Immediate Access

  • Screening completed entirely online
  • No lengthy enrollment process or paperwork
  • No site inspection required
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Pay As You Go

  • No subscriptions
  • No setup fees
  • No hidden fees
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  • Background Check Plus


  • Transunion Subject Selection
  • TransUnion Identity Verification
  • National Sex offender registry
  • National Most Wanted
  • Federal Watch Lists
  • Instant State and County Check
  • FCRA and State Filters
  • Deceased Persons SSN Check
  • Fraud Alerts Check
  • Name & SSN Match Report
  • Background Check Basic


  • TransUnion Identity Verification
  • National Sex offender registry
  • National Most Wanted
  • Federal Watch Lists
  • Instant State and County Check
  • FCRA and State Filters

ShareAble for Hires offers straightforward, pay as you go pricing with no hidden fees, no setup fees, and no minimums. Whether you screen once or 100 times per year, you only pay when you use it. Ready to see what’s in your applicant’s background?

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More About Our Process

easy employment screening process
No lengthy enrollment process

Skip lengthy paperwork and site inspections. With ShareAble for Hires you can start screening right away.

create account online to start candidate screening
Sign-up online

Create your account and start pre employment screening right away.

fast background screening reports
Reports Delivered in Minutes

Reports are delivered quickly so you can make faster hiring decisions.

manage pre-employment reports in your dashboard
Manage your screening applications in one place

All your employee screening reports are maintained in one place, making it easy for you to access reports.

ShareAble for Hires Pre-Employment Screening Solutions: How the Process Works

As a small business owner, you need a great team that supports you and your vision. Making a great hire can help you move your business plans forward. Making a bad hire can derail your plans, disrupt operations and cause friction in the workplace. You can reduce the risk of bringing aboard the wrong employee with a thorough hiring and employee background screening process.

Based on extensive research and experience working with a wide range of clientele, ShareAble for Hires has a keen understanding of what employers and small business owners need for candidate screening. That’s why we spent a great deal of time designing our pre-employment background screening services to enable busy professionals to make better hiring decisions by providing a convenient way to deliver fast, complete, and reliable criminal and employee credit checks that inspires trust.

Your time is valuable, which is why we’ve engineered our pre-employment screening process to let you start screening immediately. Our signup flow is simple and speedy. And there’s no onerous paperwork required to get enrolled. Simply go online, create an account and start screening immediately.

There are no hassles or hurdles to start right away. Our unique process removes membership requirements and the need for on-site inspections to “pull” consumer reports. This is because ShareAble for Hires enables job applicants to “push” their credit and criminal background histories securely. And because this background check is for an employment screening, this results in a “soft inquiry” on the job seeker’s credit report which doesn’t impact their credit score.

We know you are busy. And, you are focused on many aspects of your business. This is why we made it easy to signup online for our service. There is not a lot of onerous paperwork to get started. To initiate the screening process, you simply need your applicant’s email address to invite them to begin background screening. Then the applicant creates an account, enters in their pertinent details and answers a series of questions to verify their identity. Once the applicant successfully verifies their identity, then your reports are made available for both you and your applicant.

You need a fast way to complete these checks. How long will it take to complete pre-employment background checks?  From start to finish, our online employee screening process can be completed in a matter of minutes. Once the applicant accepts your screening invitation and authorizes screening, then your reports are delivered instantly.

ShareAble for Hires puts you in the driver’s seat to accelerate candidate screening to keep up with your hiring pace. Our pre employment screening process is self-service enabled – there’s no waiting to start. And because it is web-based, our employment background screening is accessible anytime, anywhere. Screen comfortably from your desktop, tablet or your mobile phone. It is available 24 hours which gives you enormous flexibility. You don’t have to call anyone to start. This is how we help you make a faster decision and keep your top job candidate prospects moving through your pipeline rapidly.

While we’ve designed our employee background screening service for speed, you won’t have to sacrifice completeness or accuracy. Using our expertise and state-of-the-art technology, ShareAble for Hires has the ability to quickly search criminal and credit reports on hundreds of millions of consumers. Why should an employer check an applicant’s credit?  In brief, you’ll use the information on the credit report to evaluate whether the person is financially responsible, dependable and trustworthy. With over 230 million credit histories from TransUnion and over 370 million criminal records that cover 46 state databases, we have an employment background screening process that offers broad coverage across the United States. With built-in applicant identity verification, ShareAble for Hires ensures that your applicant is who they say they are.

Our employment screening report package gives you relevant information that you need for employee screening. You’ll get SSN verification, national criminal history, sex offense registry, FBI most wanted database, full name and alias check, previous employment (where available), and credit information. The employment screening reports are formatted for mobile phones and are easy-to-read. And with our superior matching logic, you can rest easy that the reports we deliver to you are about your applicant.

ShareAble for Hires takes care of providing key details of your applicant’s past, including:

  • Address information and work history (where available)*
  • SSN verification
  • Credit history
  • Accounts sent to collections
  • Felony and misdemeanor offences in state databases
  • Records from the FBI, Homeland Security, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection
  • OFAC reports
  • Search of National Sex Offender Public Registry

*TransUnion does not provide work history verification services

You can rest assured that you’ve selected a pre-employment screening company that utilizes practices that are compliant with applicable consumer reporting laws. We monitor our solution to ensure that it complies with the most up-to-date rules that govern consumer reporting agencies. This way you can feel confident that you’ve selected a reputable company that follows numerous state, local and federal regulations.

Our process is transparent. That means you get straightforward pricing. Our pre employment background check cost are available in two options.  You have the option to select from multiple employee screening packages that fit your needs and budget. There are no minimums or hidden fees. Importantly, we do not charge you fees upfront before you can sign-up for our pre employment screening service, unlike some other companies. Simply signup, screen prospective employees when you need to, and pay as you go. You only pay for the reports that are delivered to you.

You can get a better picture of your potential hire and manage your risk with ShareAble for Hires' comprehensive reports from TransUnion, a trusted consumer reporting agency with over 40 years of experience. With that information, you can make a more informed decision as to whether or not to hire an individual—a reassurance not possible without the benefit of ShareAble for Hires' skill in providing convenient, fast, and reliable pre-employment screening solutions.