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Background Check Basic

Background Report


Price was: $35

  • Instant State and County Check

  • Federal Watch Lists

  • National Sex Offender Registry

  • National Most Wanted

  • Transunion Instant Match

  • FCRA and State Filters

Background Check Plus

Background & Identity Report


Price was: $50

  • Instant State and County Check

  • Federal Watch Lists

  • National Sex Offender Registry

  • National Most Wanted

  • Transunion Instant Match

  • FCRA and State Filters

  • Fraud Alerts Check

  • Name & SSN Match Report

  • Deceased Persons SSN Check

Criminal background reports delivered in minutes.


Our background checks scan millions of records.


Our reports match records to the offender.


Screen your job applicant right away.


Reports delivered in minutes after the applicant verifies their identity.


Pay as you go — no memberships or subscriptions required.


Our background checks are FCRA compliant, providing regulated data.

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Broad coverage.

ShareAble for Hires searches over 370 million national and state criminal records. Data includes 43* state background checks, most wanted databases and National Sex Offender Public Registry.

*Instant criminal results not available for Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Massachusetts, South Dakota, Utah, Washington DC, and Wyoming.

More accurate results.

ShareAble for Hires uses sophisticated record matching logic to match a criminal record to the offender. This means more accurate results and fewer false positive matches.

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Convenient online process.

The process is quick and easy: criminal screening is completed entirely online and reports are delivered in minutes.

Compliant data.

ShareAble for Hires criminal background reports are consumer reports regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Fair Credit Reporting Act Paper

“The results that I get from TransUnion ShareAble puts my mind at ease, that I'm hiring a great person.”

— Nicole Simms, HR Manager, Urban Surfaces

Be more confident with your hiring decision.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Pre-employment background checks can give you the information you need to vet job applicants more thoroughly and help you make the right hiring decision. It can help confirm that their applicants are who they say they are via identity checks. It can help determine if they’re trustworthy by looking at their credit history. And it can uncover if they have relevant criminal history. Screening can also provide insights on an applicant’s past jobs, fraud alerts, national most wanted lists, and sex offender registry information.

The right hiring decision can grow your small business, but the wrong one can lead to losses in productivity, declines in customer satisfaction and decreases in employee morale. Pre-employment screening can save you thousands by helping you find good employees for your small business. Every year, small businesses lose money to fraud, irresponsible employees, and misconduct allegations.

Using an in-depth background check process provides you with more information about your candidate on which to base a more informed hiring decision.

Small business benefits include:

  • Hire your team on the spot—reports are sent in minutes.
  • No waiting periods or pesky setup fees - start screening right away.
  • Unlike other employment screening options, you can get credit reports quickly.

Job applicant benefits include:

  • Get hired on the spot! Reports are sent in a matter of minutes.
  • Agree explicitly to screening and to share your reports with the employer.
  • Get a copy of your report that was sent to your prospective employer.

With ShareAble, you can get a criminal history check with results from both state and national databases, including the National Sex Offender Public Registry and the FBI’s Most Wanted. Plus, you can assess FCRA-regulated data in your job candidate’s credit report. Finally, you can make sure you know who you’re hiring with an identity report, which provides name, address, social security number, and date of birth verification.

ShareAble for Hires uses sophisticated record matching logic to match a criminal record to the offender. This means more accurate results and fewer false positive matches.

  • Instant criminal data in 43 states*
  • Information from local and state jurisdictions
  • FBI’s National Most Wanted
  • National Sex Offender Public Registry
  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)
  • U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)

Find out more about the cost of our employment background checks.

ShareAble for Hires delivers background check information almost instantly. And signup to transaction complete can take as little as minutes. Once your applicant receives your screening invitation, approves the request and successfully verifies their identity, you can expect to receive reports quickly. With crucial information in hand, you’ll be in a position to make a more informed decision and make that important hire on-the-spot.

Checking an applicant’s credit history may not be top of mind for some hiring managers, but many employers are concerned with assessing a job applicant aptitude in many ways, and credit report information can provide important insights. In many situations, an employer might conduct an employment credit check on individuals who will hold a manager or financial title, as these roles typically involve making financial choices, and handling confidential information.  Also, a credit check can also help to gauge trustworthiness by revealing a history of how the applicant has made choices surrounding financial matters.

The employment background results that you receive are designed to comply with the FCRA as well as both state and federal laws.

ShareAble has 3 screening package options to fit your needs. All packages come with a criminal background check, which can be a good report to help protect the safety of colleagues and clients.

Our background check plus package builds in our identity report that checks fraud alerts and deceased person alerts which can help indicate whether an applicant has been a victim of fraud. Key among these fraud alerts is a check whether the applicant’s SSN may have been used in a death benefits claim.

Finally, our background check pro package contains a criminal report, ID report, and a pre-employment credit check. You will get reported prior employment, current and previous addresses, and a detailed credit report.

With ShareAble, you have a convenient way to quickly screen your job applicants and do so with TransUnion, a reputable credit reporting agency with over 40 years of experience.

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ShareAble’s easy-to-use, time-saving solution can speed up your small business's hiring process. Screen anytime, anywhere. You can sign up quickly and screen your candidates at your convenience, often completing the entire transaction within minutes. You won’t have to wait to get approved to use our pre-employment screening service or talk to a salesperson to establish an account. Just go online, screen, and get reports at near-instant speed.

Reports Now
ShareAble for Hires offers a variety of useful reports that can help you. Even if a candidate looks perfect on paper, it’s crucial that you take the time to do pre-employment screening to make sure that the applicant is the right fit for your company. Credit, criminal, and ID verification reports can give you more information about your applicant on which to base your hiring decision.

Reports Now
ShareAble helps you make a faster decision in order to staff up at your pace. Fast signup process, easy-to-use online tool, and reports sent from TransUnion in minutes helps to achieve a quick turnaround and keep your top candidates moving expeditiously through your hiring pipeline.