4 Reasons Why To Run Employment Credit Checks ... And How It Can Help Your Business Financially

  •  08/29/2018
  • By Andrea Collatz
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Hiring new employees always comes with its share of risk, and to combat this risk, employers have integrated screening processes into their hiring strategies. Pre-employment screening provides small business owners with the information they need to make a confident hiring decision, and credit checks are an important piece of the screening puzzle.

Whether you’re hiring for a position in the financial industry, or looking for a new employee that will have access or control of sensitive company financial information, it’s important to properly vet job candidates by assessing their financial history.

There are many reasons why employers check job applicant credit reports.  Below we discuss four main reasons how running a credit check on your job applicant could help your business financially:

4 Reasons Why To Run Employment Credit Checks  [INFOGRAPHIC] 

ShareAble for Hires is designed to help small business owners streamline their employment background checks while keeping consumer’s personal data safe.

In the past, a small business owner might wait for days to access their screening results.  But, with ShareAble for Hires, they can learn this critical information within minutes.  We enable screeners to get access immediately to our screening platform.  Signup is free and fast.  There is no lengthy credentialing process to endure.  To initiate the process, the screener needs the applicant’s email address to invite them to begin the background check process. 

Our comprehensive background reports include a detailed look into your job applicant’s financial history, allowing you to make an informed hiring decision. In addition to employment credit reports, our online screening solution provides an in-depth look into a candidate’s criminal background history for a well-rounded background check.

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