Checking A Criminal Record: The Employer's Guide

  •  02/25/2018
  • By Andrea Collatz
  •  Credit history , Infographics

For a small business owner, pre-employment screening is a crucial component of the hiring process.  Checking a job candidate’s criminal history can help you make an informed decision. Conducting a criminal background check, where appropriate, can help employers mitigate business risks like theft and fraud. This type of screening can be important for positions that offer access to sensitive financial information, roles that involve handling of cash and sensitive financial data, and those that hold significant security responsibilities.

Learn more about checking a criminal record in our guide below: 

Employer's Guide To Checking a Criminal Record [INFOGRAPHIC]Employer's Guide To Checking a Criminal Record

A comprehensive background check can help you hire a qualified candidate. ShareAble for Hires helps small business owners screen job candidates with ease. Our comprehensive reports can provide insights into a job candidate’s criminal records and credit history. Protect your business and bring value to your company with criminal background checks from ShareAble for Hires.

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