7 Reasons Why You Should Run a Pre-Employment Background Check

  •  08/16/2018
  • By Andrea Collatz
  •  Criminal Background , Employer

Small business owners are tasked with finding top talent, but this search can prove to be a challenge. Running pre-employment background checks have become an integral component of the hiring process and the right screening solutions offer trustworthy, comprehensive information designed to help guide hiring decisions.

From weeding out false credentials to learning more about an applicant’s credit history, the information gleaned from a detailed background check can help you hire the best person for the job. Learn more about why you should run a pre-employment background check with the infographic below:

7 Reasons Why You Should Run a Pre-Employment Background Check 

Incorporating a solid hiring process and implementing a thorough pre-employment background check can help small businesses make a more confident hiring decision.  Traditional screening methods can take too long and cost too much for small business owners.

Instead of waiting days to learn about screening results, small businesses who need to make fast, confident decisions have an alternative.  TransUnion ShareAble for Hires offers smaller companies, those with fewer than 50 employees, a streamlined way to conduct background checks.

With ShareAble for Hires, screeners can get immediate access to start the process.  Sign up is free. There is no lengthy credentialing needed that can slow you down.  All that is needed to start is your job candidate’s email address so that you can invite them to start pre employment screening

Small business owners can make better hiring decisions by using an online self-service solution that delivers compliant and trustworthy background reports almost instantly.  Verify a candidate’s identity and learn more about their financial history and criminal background to guide your hiring process—all within minutes.

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