What is Identity Verification? What Employers Need to Know.

You’ve found someone whom you believe to be the perfect hire: they’ve crafted a flawless cover letter, their resume shows a strong work history related to the job, and they nailed both their phone interview and in-person interview. So, what’s the problem? Unbeknownst to you, this individual is using an inactive social security number to fill out employment paperwork.While identity theft may not be top of mind when conducting interviews, it’s important to acknowledge the possibility and that an event as such could have serious impacts on your hiring process and business as a whole.

Before extending an offer for an open position in your company, you should be certain the candidate is who they say they are. How can you, as an employer or hiring manager, combat the trend of identity theft? Verify your job applicant’s identity with an online employee screening from ShareAble® for Hires. This crucial step in the hiring process can help mitigate the risk of identity theft and may increase your chances of making a great hire from the start.

What is the Purpose of an Employee Identity Verification Check?

Identity verification for employment through ShareAble for Hires can helps small business owners determine whether additional verification steps are needed to bring an individual onboard.

Due to the abundance of illegal websites that sell fake identities, identity theft has become a significant problem in the United States. Ultimately, if a job applicant supplies false information, then you’ll be making a hiring decision based on lies, which could quickly hurt your business.

In addition to discovering someone may be using a stolen social security number, you may also encounter job candidates who have no knowledge that their identity has been pilfered.

In a recent report from Identity Theft Resource Center, 13.8% of identity theft victims reported that their ability to get a job had been affected or that they had been unable to find a job as a result of identity fraud.

This type of identity theft can be challenging to spot quickly, as it typically doesn’t immediately impact the victim’s finances. In the same report, 1 in 10 of those people said they first discovered they’d been victims of identity theft when denied a job opportunity.

It’s clear that identity verification plays an important part in the pre-employment screening process, and can help you make a more confident, legally-sound hiring decision. Let’s take a closer look at how ShareAble for Hires online employee identity check works and the ways small business owners and hiring managers can take advantage of this essential tool.

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Online Identity Verification for Employment Screening

What’s included in a ShareAble for Hires identity verification report?

An identity check from ShareAble for Hires can help verify that your applicant’s entered information matches with the information found in TransUnion databases. This main data includes:

  • Name verification
  • Address verification
  • SSN verification
  • Date of birth verification

For safe measures, reports with also include:

  • If the SSN has been reported in fraud
  • If the SSN has been used in a death benefit claim
  • If there are initial fraud alerts on file
  • If there are active duty alerts on file

How does it work?

Rather than merely checking the information provided by your applicant, a ShareAble for Hires ID Report goes a step further. In minutes, you’ll find out if our records show that there are any fraud or deceased person alerts connected with your prospective hire’s name and SSN. This measure can help indicate whether your job applicant has been a victim of fraud, including whether their social security number has been used for a death benefits claim.

Note: An ID Report is an element of a comprehensive screening process. However, after an employee begins working for your company, there are legal identity verification and employment authorization stipulations, as well. Learn more about your I-9 responsibilities and how to verify past employment history.

How to Read a ShareAble for Hires Identity Report

To ensure that you are making a sound hiring decision, it’s important that you understand how to read an identity report from ShareAble for Hires. Let’s start with the basics.

When the applicant creates their free ShareAble for Hires account, they are prompted to enter their personal information, such as first and last name, current address, SSN and date of birth. From there, that information is scrubbed against millions of trusted TransUnion database records to help ensure that what was self-reported is accurate. If any of the checks comes back as a nonmatching, then that may be an indication that additional proof of identity is necessary.

Identity Check Report Example Heading

ShareAble for Hires ID checks go beyond basics. Additionally, the ID check will look for any fraud or deceased person alerts that may be associated with the applicant’s information, which can keep you from hiring someone who has committed the crime of identity theft. Again, if any of the information should return as nonmatching, then you may consider requesting for additional proof of identity.

Identity Check Report Example

What Happens If Your Job Candidate Fails Identity Verification?

If your job applicant fails the identity verification process, then it doesn’t necessarily mean he or she is using another person’s identity. However, it does indicate that you may want to complete an initial pre-employment screening to ensure your candidate is who they say they are.

Important Note: an ID report cannot be the basis for denying an applicant and is not adverse actionable. ShareAble for Hires ID reports can only be used to help you determine if additional proof of identity is necessary. It’s always encouraged to review the terms and conditions for ID reports and to speak with your legal team on these matters.

How much does it cost to run an identity verification check?

The cost of an identity check is typically far, far lower than the financial losses you may incur by not running one. Considering employee turnover can cost anywhere from 16% to 213% of that employee’s salary, you are wise to thoroughly vet every applicant before extending a job offer.

For as low as $50, a Background Check Plus from ShareAble for Hires will give you an ID Report, along with a comprehensive criminal report. Examine various background check packages here.

Where to Get a Compliant Identity Verification Report for Employment Screening

It’s easy to wind up losing time on long verification processes. However, with ShareAble for Hires running an employee background check that includes an ID Report has never been easier. In minutes, you will receive comprehensive and compliant background information you need to make a confident hire.

ShareAble for Hires delivers reliable TransUnion data, including:

Criminal Record: Discover relevant convictions that can help guides choices that protect your company, colleagues, and employees.

Credit History: If the position you’re hiring for involves access to company finances, then you can better evaluate your candidate’s level of financial responsibility.

Identity Verification: Is the person you’re hiring actually the person you think you’re hiring? Learn if an applicant is a victim or perpetrator of identity fraud.

Get trusted reports today. Create your free ShareAble for Hires account and hire with confidence.

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