Taking Care of Small Business: Hiring on the Spot with Free Employee Background Checks from Shareable For Hires*

We know that small businesses are hurting right now.  Yours may be one of the 60% of US small businesses forced to close due to recent government health orders.  However, even in the face of uncertainty, as usual, small businesses are proving their resilience.

As states throughout the nation begin to relax shelter-in-place orders, business owners are working tirelessly to get their operations back up and running. Business owners and managers remain positive, with 57% of small businesses reporting that they are optimistic or extremely optimistic about the future of their businesses.

ShareAble for Hires is bolstering your efforts to get back to work, empowering you and your team to quickly hire the people you need to run your business. And we’re doing it the best way we know how:

For a limited time, ShareAble for Hires employee background checks are FREE for all small business owners*.

Get back up and running with the right team beside you, and help hardworking Americans secure their paychecks.

Learn more about how to use free* employment screening to your advantage and discover how ShareAble for Hires empowers both business owners and job applicants.

Small Business is Hurting Right Now

Many small businesses are suffering as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic. The world has seen firsthand the way the global pandemic has halted “business as usual.”

TransUnion research found that the volume of employment screening for small businesses with 50 or fewer employees declined by 65% in mid-April compared to average volumes observed in prior months during 2020. And, they have been disparately impacted in comparison to larger businesses. Comparatively, large businesses experienced a 35% decline at the apex in mid-April.

Clearly, small businesses have been hit hardest.

How ShareAble for Hires Empowers Small Businesses

The economy is built in large part on the sweat and hard work of small businesses; there are five million companies with fewer than 20 employees. It’s clear that small business owners are hurting right now. They want to open their doors and resume operations, and when they do, they’ll need to staff up quickly to handle incoming demand. To ensure they’re hiring the best people possible, they’ll need access to compliant, comprehensive screening reports.

That’s why ShareAble for Hires is helping America’s small business owners and managers. With access to free background checks, you can get your operations back up and running sooner, with the right employees in place*.

Here’s how ShareAble background checks help small businesses during these challenging times:

1. Near-instant results allow you to open your doors sooner

Businesses that have so far been able to weather the pandemic’s effects are not out of the storm yet. The clock is ticking, and business owners and managers are working hard to open their doors as soon as possible.

While getting back to business expeditiously is crucial, it’s also important that you recruit the right team members to help you succeed both now and in the future. Get great hires sooner with immediate access to free background checks from ShareAble for Hires*.

Unlike traditional background checks that can take days or weeks to complete, ShareAble’s screening solution can be completed within the same day, allowing you to properly vet and onboard the right hires on-the-spot.

The two largest employment screening pain-points for small businesses relate to speed and efficiency.

ShareAble for Hires is the solution for small businesses to get reports faster in order to staff up more quickly. 

Before ShareAble for Hires, employers could wait days to receive important hiring reports. Now an employer moves much more quickly. The ShareAble for Hires process is streamlined for efficiency. It is designed to give rapid access to tools to start the process and deliver applicant background information incredibly fast.


Completing screening is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  • Sign up for a free account and send a screening invitation to your job applicant
  • Job applicant creates an account and enters personal information to verify their identity
  • ShareAble For Hires delivers reports to both you and your applicant within minutes

Bottom line: With near instant results, you can make an informed decision fast and hire on-the-spot to staff up quickly.

2. Available for 100% of small businesses

Through July 31, 2020, ShareAble for Hires employment screening services are FREE* for all small business owners.

ShareAble for Hires enables lightning-fast-signup-to-screening completion for small businesses. There are no restrictions to start the process. Other screening solutions prevent access to background checks based on superfluous factors, such as your tax responsibilities and accreditation.

ShareAble for Hires is committed to helping generally ALL small business owners across the country gain access to reliable, comprehensive data, so that they can find the best employees  - even on a tight hiring timeline.

Since the launch of ShareAble, thousands of small business owners and managers in numerous industries and disciplines have successfully screened for the best employees. From primary care offices to staffing agencies, restaurants to retailers, trusted TransUnion reports have been used to guide confident hiring decisions.

See what people say about ShareAble for Hires:

Bottom line: You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to gain access to an employment background screening tool. ShareAble for Hires delivers critical hiring information directly to you in minutes. If you own a small business and you want to screen employees, then get FREE* background checks today with ShareAble for Hires.

3. No waiting, no paperwork, no fees to start

Unlike other screening solutions, ShareAble for Hires puts you on the fast-track to make informed hiring decisions quickly with no hassles. It is the only screening tool available for use for 100% of small businesses. Unlike other screening services, you can use ShareAble for Hires at any time, anywhere to run employment checks.

There’s no waiting to start screening. The tool is built to be accessed immediately by small business users. By delivering near-instant background information, credit history, and identification reports, ShareAble for Hires enables employers and job applicants alike to safely share, verify, and protect sensitive personal data that must be evaluated.

Screen when you need to – you’ll never have to jump through hoops with ShareAble for Hires

  • No delay to complete your transaction
  • No requirement to call to create an account
  • No Sign Up fees or hidden costs to get access
  • No membership stipulations
  • No paperwork to determine if you are eligible to use the tool
  • No back-office requirements for your business

In short: No waiting to transact, even if it is your first time.

TransUnion ShareAble for Hires is committed to using #informationforgood, and is passionate about providing hardworking business owners and hiring managers with reputable, robust data you can use to make confident hiring decisions. With criminal background checks, credit checks, and identity verification, small business owners can expedite the hiring process and build a strong roster for their daily operations.

Bottom line: ShareAble for Hires is open for 100% of small businesses, and does not require special credentials to use. Unlike screening solutions on the market that make you wait through a long vetting process, you can use ShareAble for Hires immediately. Skip the paperwork and credentialing and start screening now.

How ShareAble for Hires Empowers Job Applicants

It’s clear that small businesses are facing enormous challenges right now, but so are their former employees. In the past two months, nearly 20.5 million people lost their jobs.

The American workforce is hurting. Record-breaking unemployment numbers have heavily impacted the finances of millions. In May, a TransUnion survey found that 70% of people working for companies with fewer than 50 employees reported their household income was negatively impacted by the pandemic.

  • 17% said they have lost their job as a result of COVID-19
  • 69% said they are concerned about paying their current bills or loans
  • 86% said they will not have money to cover bills within the next three months

With skyrocketing unemployment rates and financial challenges running rampant, job seekers have flooded the market and are actively seeking employment opportunities.

ShareAble for Hires helps forge connections between dedicated business owners and America’s workforce, so that you can secure a paycheck sooner.

Here are the ways ShareAble for Hires is working to empower consumers:

1. Get hired sooner

Small businesses are clamoring to open. But many businesses can’t open their doors until they staff up adequately. ShareAble for Hires helps business owners and job seekers accelerate the hiring process.  Many pre-employment background checks and online screening tools can be slow, expensive, and inefficient.

Traditional background checks can take days or even weeks, often requiring small business screeners to have special credentials in order to proceed. During this waiting period, people waiting to be hired can go without pay. Small businesses sit idle, unable to bring on staff that they so desperately need.

ShareAble for Hires removes roadblocks for small business employers.

  • The employer signs up for free (mobile or desktop) and sends a screening invitation to their job applicant.
  • The job applicant is emailed the screening invitation link, and creates an account online and verifies their identity.
  • Within minutes of the job applicant authenticating their identity, trusted TransUnion reports are delivered to both the applicant and employer.

ShareAble for Hires (now FREE*) background checks are designed to add efficiency to the screening process, and expedite the necessary steps for landing a job in these unprecedented times.

Bottom line: With almost instant access to background checks, small businesses can make hiring decisions on the spot sooner, so you can get back to work faster – in some cases, even the same day.

2. Control your own data with our consumer push process

TransUnion believes in using Information for Good®, and the ShareAble for Hires process ensures that consumers control how their information is used. With our Free* background checks, the job applicant gets to choose to push their data to who they want, when they want.

Because a job applicant authorizes to share their information and consents to participate in the screening process, they become stewards of their own data. Consumers are the driving force in our system; they provide explicit permission to be screened. They also get to review their own reports. This “consumer push” process increases the speed of pre-employment screening. Unlike traditional background checks that can take days or weeks to complete, the ShareAble For Hires process enables an employer to make much quicker hiring decisions. For a job seeker this means that you have an opportunity to get back to work faster and make money sooner.

Here’s how ShareAble for Hires is able to do this:

With TransUnion ShareAble’s patented “consumer push” process, small businesses can get access to FCRA-regulated reports and increase the speed of employment screening compared to traditional methods. This way, you can make informed, on-the-spot hiring decisions.

Bottom Line: ShareAble for Hires is designed to empower consumers to be in control of when and how they share their data. Leverage your information to benefit your job hunt.

3. Transparency throughout the screening process

ShareAble for Hires enables the ability for important information and insights to be shared, which makes attaining trust very quickly, possible.

This means that your information is shared not only with your prospective employer, but also with you.  Our process automatically sends employment screening reports to both screener and consumer, meaning you can review exactly what your prospective employer sees in in the results of your background check.

This adds transparency to the screening process and ensures that all applicants can safely and confidently share their personal information to land a new job.

The reports you receive are compliant with state and federal consumer reporting laws. The reports provide employers with all of the essential pieces of information they need to make hiring decisions on the spot. That means that job applicants can potentially land that dream job and start the next chapter of their career that very afternoon.

Bottom line: Because screening reports are also delivered to job applicants, ShareAble for Hires adds transparency to the screening process.

How to access free* employment screening services

TransUnion invested in ShareAble for Hires to help support America’s small businesses. This online employee background check tool is built in a way so that generally every small business can use it immediately instead of having to wait to start. 

Now almost instantly any entrepreneur or business owner can get comprehensive insights on their applicant within minutes.  ShareAble for Hires puts the employer in the driver’s seat to quickly screen and fast-track your next hire. Because the job applicant chooses to “push” their reports to you, they become stewards of their own data to enable a decision that isn’t otherwise possible.

The near-instant screening service allows small business owners and job applicants across virtually any industry to share sensitive, private data in a safe way, and provides reliable information that details relevant criminal background, credit history, and identity reports.

When you are ready to open your doors and hire back up, ShareAble is ready to help.

To support the hiring ecosystem, TransUnion is now offering ShareAble for Hires background checks for free* to small businesses to get up and running more quickly.  It is also intended to help people get back to work fast. That’s the power of Information for Good.

If you’d like to take advantage of this free* employment screening offer, you can create an account right now and begin running background checks immediately.


ShareAble for Hires. Helping small businesses make big decisions.™

*Background Check Basic and Plus Packages are free. Background Check Pro is $10 (a $50 value). Offer valid through July 31st, 2020. Terms and conditions may apply.

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