Our Best Employment Screening Articles from 2020

The year 2020 may have gotten us a bit out of sorts. For many small business owners, it caused serious disruption to operations and demanded adaptation to a fluid and highly changing market. For ShareAble, it’s been a year of helping small businesses hire more quickly and confidently. During the summer months, ShareAble did what we could to help out by providing our product for free to all small businesses to support the hiring ecosystem. Thousands of SMB’s took advantage of our offer of free background checks to help them get back up and running. It was also intended to help people get back to work faster. That’s the power of Information for Good.

Now, more than ever, SMB owners and hiring managers need to be flexible with their hiring processes. ShareAble is designed to provide every small business with access to employment screening tools that enable them to view applicant credit, criminal, and ID-verification reports within minutes. This speeds up the process, makes trust possible at the moment, and gives confidence in your hiring decisions.

We’ve curated our most popular blog articles of 2020. Below you’ll find articles focused on tips and information to help small business owners become more confident using online pre-employment background screening, reading background checks for employment, and tips for recruiting and minimizing hiring risk.


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Education Verification for Employment

When a small business grows in size, so does its risk of hiring the wrong person. Background checks can help you avoid bringing someone on with an unexpected past. When choosing your next great employee, find out how ShareAble pre-employment screening reports help small business employers to weed out applicants who may lack experience and could derail plans, disrupt operations or create workplace friction.


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How long does an employment background check take?

Traditional background checks can be slow. As a small business owner, you might have to wait days or weeks to receive background screening reports on a job applicant. While you’re stuck waiting, larger competitors have time to swoop in and hire your best candidates. Luckily, ShareAble eliminates waiting by enabling access to tools immediately and cuts down the time for report delivery to merely minutes. In a year that’s keeping us all on our toes, find out how ShareAble helps you screen and hire on-the-spot so you can keep business moving-forward.


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Where to Get A Background Check for Employment

Using Google search results and social media to “check” a job applicant’s background isn’t reliable and also isn’t a proper way to disqualify a candidate. Using improper methods can put your entire company at risk. Use compliant pre-employment screening reports to avoid a hiring process that would otherwise lead you down a rabbit hole. Small businesses can rely on ShareAble. Our online pre-employment screening service provides trustworthy background reports, sent directly to you from TransUnion.


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Why Do Employers Check Credit?

Fully assessing a job candidate’s background before you hire is great way to validate your decision and makes good business sense. It can protect you, your staff, and your small business. Comprehensive screening that includes a credit check can help you reduce risk, judge someone’s financial responsibility and gauge their trustworthiness. Learn why employers check their applicant’s credit history and how ShareAble gives generally all small businesses quick, easy access to their applicant’s credit report.


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How to Handle a Candidate That Fails a Background Check

What are you supposed to do if your job applicant fails your background screening criteria? Hiring an unsuitable candidate could jeopardize your brand, workplace safety, company culture, and financial success. In this article you’ll learn how using a comprehensive screening service like ShareAble for Hires helps you better assess the relevance of someone’s credit, criminal, and identity background and helps you make a better hiring decision.



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What is Identity Verification

Due to the abundance of illegal websites that sell fake identities, identity theft has become a significant problem in the United States. How do you know if your job applicant is who they say they are? How can you, as an employer, combat the trend of identity theft? Before offering a job, verify your job applicant’s identity with compliant online employment screening. This crucial step in the hiring process can help increase your chances of verifying a great hire from the start. Learn more about the importance of identity verification in this article.


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How to Write a Job Description

What does your company stand for? What job role do you need to be filled? Which candidate is the right fit? As if drafting a job description doesn’t raise enough questions about what to say, it’s how you say it that needs to be carefully thought-out. Consider this ShareAble for Hires guide for writing a strong job description, attracting the most qualified applicants, and running background check reports in order to hire the best people possible.


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How to Reduce Employee Turnover

When an employee leaves your small business, the lost productivity and hiring expenses can cost you $4,129 on average. On top of that, asking coworkers to pick up the slack can cause frustration, mediocre performance, and additional employee turnover. To avoid the headaches of waiting to fill open positions, hire the right employees from the start with comprehensive background check reports from ShareAble for Hires. Consider this simple guide for using smart screening information to make smarter and long-lasting hiring decisions.


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How to Improve Your Recruitment & Hiring Process

The hiring process can be a time-consuming mess—Glassdoor reports it lasts for nearly 24 days for small businesses. To make things more efficient, consider these recruiting techniques to help you attract top talent quickly. From job descriptions to interview tactics, these 11 tips can help you improve your recruitment and employee hiring process. Once you’ve got your pool of great applicants, get access to their criminal, credit and ID-verification reports by screening with ShareAble.


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How ShareAble for Hires Online Employment Screening Can Help Your Small Business

Many small business owners find employment screening more challenging than anticipated— onerous application, eligibility requirements, wait times for approvals, denial of access to background reports, expensive subscriptions, slow report delivery, and potentially unreliable data—all of this can make your hiring process a time-consuming, frustrating endeavor. But pre-employment screening doesn’t have to be that way. Check out these tips for skipping wait times, paperwork and lack of authorization.

ShareAble Helps Reduce Hiring Risk

Unlike other screening solutions, there’s no waiting or red tape slowing you down when you use ShareAble for Hires. It is authorized for generally 100% of small businesses and delivers near-instant background, credit, and identification reports that enable you to safely share, verify, and protect sensitive personal data.

When you need to hire on-the-spot, ShareAble helps you get up and running quickly. Reports are FCRA-compliant and intended to help small businesses make more informed hiring decisions.



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