How ShareAble for Hires Online Employment Background Checks Can Help Your Small Business

  •  08/12/2020
  • By Andrea Collatz
  •  Credit history , Criminal Background , Employer

As a small business owner, you need great people on your team to deliver the best results. Hiring employees that are the right fit for your company is vitally important in terms of building a successful, profitable business.

However, many small business owners can find the hiring process to be more challenging than anticipated. Blocked access to screening tools, lengthy membership processes, slow report delivery, and potentially unreliable data can make screening your applicants a time-consuming and frustrating endeavor.

But pre-employment screening doesn’t have to be that way.

  • What if you could access a screening solution that was built to cater to the needs of your small business?
  • What if you could use a screening tool that delivers accurate results along with transparency in the process?
  • What if you could complete employment screening in the same day and hire on-the-spot?

With ShareAble® for Hires, you can.

ShareAble is TransUnion’s online pre-employment screening tool built just for small businesses. It is designed to deliver reports with speed and efficiency. Created specifically for small businesses who need to hire immediately, TransUnion ShareAble for Hires provides the tools and benefits you need to run employee background checks safely and confidently, including:

  1. No Hassle Access for 100% of Small Businesses
  2. Quicker Screening So You Can Hire Faster
  3. Transparent Process for Screener and Applicant
  4. Affordable, On-demand Screening
  5. Compliant Reports Help Protect Your Company

1. No Hassle Access for 100% of Small Businesses

ShareAble for Hires is the only online employment screening tool available for use by any legitimate small businesses in the United States. Unlike other screening services, there’s no waiting period or qualification process. If you own a small business, then you can run background checks on job applicants anywhere, any time.

With some other screening providers, a business might need to apply to be a customer which involves filling out an application and potentially having to speak with a salesperson before you can screen. Additionally, these solutions may prevent access to information because you have a “home-based business” or are late on taxes.

ShareAble doesn’t have that rigorous application process. It is designed to provide immediate access for all small businesses.

  • No paperwork required.
  • No review to determine your eligibility.
  • No calling in to verify your information.
  • No delay to create an account.

With other screening providers, a business might have to wait hours or days until their application is approved and they can start screening job applicants. With ShareAble, you could sign-up and complete your first screening in a matter of minutes. With near-instant background check reports, you can review an applicant’s screening results without delay. As a result, you can make hiring decisions on the spot.

2. Quicker Screening So You Can Hire Faster

When you need to hire people now but want to base your decision on reliable information, you can’t wait around on traditional background checks that can take days or weeks to complete. While you wait, you go without the staff that is needed to run your business and job candidates go looking somewhere else for work.

ShareAble is all online. Sign-up usually takes just a couple of minutes. The process is fast and simple. The small business employer invites an applicant to screen. The applicant consents to the screening, enters their personal information into the system, and TransUnion verifies their identity. Reports are delivered within minutes. ShareAble tools cater to small businesses to screen job applicants anytime, anywhere, no credentialing required.

Also included with ShareAble:

  • No waiting period
  • No paperwork
  • No phone calls
  • No set-up fees
  • No hassles

With access to comprehensive background checks, credit reports, and identity verification records, you have all of the information you need to make a confident hiring decision on-the-spot.

3. Transparent Process for Screener and Applicant

TransUnion believes in using information for good, and the ShareAble for Hires process ensures that by allowing people to control how their personal information is accessed and shared with employers.

Because your job applicant consents to participate in the ShareAble screening process, they become stewards of their own data. Not only does their “consent” to have their information shared result in only a soft-hit on their credit report, they also receive a copy of all the information that is sent to you.

This “consumer push” process increases the speed of pre-employment screening and enables the ability for important information and insights to be shared, building trust in the moment. Plus, the transparency achieved with ShareAble ensures that all applicants can safely and confidently share their personal information to land a new job.

With ShareAble, the applicant is in complete control of when they share their data and who they share it with. The applicant knows exactly what personal information is being shared with you, the screener.

4. Affordable, On-demand Screening

Traditional background checks normally cost hundreds of dollars, with set-up and subscription fees hidden in the fine print. Other services charge access fees, add-on expenses for expanded credit, criminal and ID verification reports, and only give price breaks for high-volume customers. Don’t allow expensive employment screening to impede your small business’ ability to bring great people onboard.

ShareAble for Hires is priced for entrepreneurs and small businesses who need to screen infrequently. On-demand and online, ShareAble allows you run comprehensive background checks on job applicants, whenever you need, wherever you need. A small fee is paid only when you screen.

Some screening services might charge you upfront fees just to access tools. This cost is in addition to paying for your first transaction. Other services may charge for pricey subscriptions or have volume commitments or minimums.

With ShareAble for Hires, there are no hidden fees—only straightforward background check pricing that lets you screen employees whenever needed.

5. FCRA-Compliant Reports Help Protect Your Company

Assembling the right team is no small feat, and the hiring process requires close attention to detail. As someone who manages a small business, you likely have more on your plate now than ever before. More worries. More uncertainties. More opportunities.

It’s essential to ensure your hiring practices follow federal guidelines when vetting upcoming new hires. Because background checks are considered “consumer reports,” they are strictly regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Remaining compliant with the law throughout the background screening process is crucial for your business avoiding litigation and resulting in other consequences.

ShareAble for Hires offers FCRA-compliant reports that follow state and federal consumer reporting regulations. You can trust that the information you receive about your job applicant was shared only with their consent, and that we’ve scoured numerous databases to ensure you get the accurate data.

ShareAble solves employment screening pain-points about slowness and inefficiency.

ShareAble for Hires enables lightning-fast screening and makes the process easy. The solution is designed to get reports quickly in order to staff up more quickly.

The process is fast. Signup only takes a few minutes and sending a screening request to your applicant can be done immediately. As soon as your applicant verifies their identity and consents to screening, reports are sent to both you and your applicant. The whole process, signup to screening completion, can be done same day and in a matter of minutes.

The process is done in three easy steps

Helping make the process efficient, ShareAble has no restrictions to start the process. All small business owners can start screening right away. Access to tools is immediate. SMB’s get access to reliable, comprehensive data, so that they can find the best employees—even on a tight timeline.

Choose ShareAble for Hires and Screen with Confidence

Thousands of small business owners and managers in numerous industries and disciplines have successfully screened using ShareAble for Hires. From primary care offices to staffing agencies, restaurants to retailers, trusted TransUnion reports have been used to guide confident hiring decisions.

With a patented “consumer push” process, ShareAble is built to give immediate access to screening tools that deliver FCRA-regulated pre-employment background reports.

Unlike other solutions, there’s no waiting to screen or red tape to cut through to use the service. By delivering near-instant background information, credit checks, and identification reports, ShareAble for Hires enables people to safely share, verify, and protect sensitive personal data.

Plus, ShareAble provides:

  • No delays to complete your screening
  • No requirement to call to create an account
  • No sign-up fees to get access to tools
  • No membership stipulations or site inspections
  • No paperwork to determine eligibility

TransUnion ShareAble for Hires is committed to using #informationforgood and is passionate about giving hardworking business owners and hiring managers reliable, robust data so you can use to make confident hiring decisions.

When you are ready to staff up, ShareAble is ready to help you get up and running more quickly. It is also intended to help people get back to work fast. That’s the power of Information for Good. Sign-up today for free.

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