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Introducing ShareAble for Hires

Pre-Employment Background Check Solution Designed for Small Businesses

Fast track job applicant screening with a tool that delivers results in minutes

As a small business owner, you want your business to succeed. Hiring employees that are the right fit for your company is an integral aspect of keeping your business profitable and successful.

However, many small business owners find the hiring process to be more challenging than anticipated. Inefficient and costly screening tools, unreliable data, lengthy membership processes required to pull credit, and slow turnaround on reports can make screening a time-consuming and inefficient chore. But pre-employment screening doesn’t have to be that way.

  • What if you had access to a screening solution that required minimal effort from you?
  • What if your screening solution delivered reliable results within minutes instead of days?
  • What if your screening solution was specifically tailored to the needs of small business owners?

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Pre-Employment Screening Designed for Small Businesses

Because many small businesses lack the resources to conduct pre-employment screenings, TransUnion decided to invest to help this underserved niche.  To better support microbusinesses – companies with 30 employees or less – TransUnion launched ShareAble for Hires as a new pre-employment screening service.   This self-service solution offers critical information that small businesses need to confirm a hiring decision in a quick, convenient way. 

Designed specifically for the small business owner, ShareAble for Hires delivers accurate information fast so you can minimize turnover time and stay profitable.  ShareAble helps small business owners make better hiring decisions by providing an online, self-service solution that delivers fast, reliable and easy-to-perform employment background checks, that include criminal records across state and federal databases.

In the past, an employer might have to wait days to uncover screening results for a job applicant.  Now with ShareAble for Hires, hiring managers can cut down employment background check time and get credit and background screening information in minutes, which helps them to fast-track their decision-making. 

ShareAble for Hires is Different from Typical Pre-Employment Screening Services

ShareAble for Hires is a better way for small business owners to screen employees. Traditional employment screening companies, in many cases, do not cater to small business because of their small size and limited revenue potential. 

Furthermore, the process of using a traditional pre-employment screening services can be arduous and time-consuming, sometimes taking days or even weeks to complete.

ShareAble for Hires is the only service on the market that can:

  1. Offer pre-employment credit reports without traditional credentialing
  2. Provide immediate access to start screening
  3. Deliver applicant results in minutes

The process is streamlined for screeners to get started.  All you need in order to start is your applicant’s email to invite them to begin screening —they do the rest.  Unlike traditional background screening services, ShareAble for Hires is a hands-off process for employers.

The process is also simple for job applicants. Once the prospective employee receives the email invitation, they will log in and verify their identity directly with ShareAble.  Upon completion, the applicant’s credit and criminal background history reports are delivered to the employer, within minutes, and are also made available to the prospective employee.

TransUnion ShareAble for Hires makes employment screening fast and easy.  It helps small businesses vet job candidates quicker and make that important hire faster and with more confidence. With less effort required to screen applicants, your time is free to spend on other important tasks, like running your business.

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Benefits of ShareAble for Hires

Traditional background checks take days or even weeks to complete. Our results are delivered in minutes so you can avoid losing a potential new hire to another job. With ShareAble for Hires, small business owners have the ability to sign up now, receive reports now, and hire now.

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1. Sign Up Now

Simple Sign-up Enables Easy Screening

Your business keeps you on the move—your pre-employment screening service shouldn’t slow you down. ShareAble for Hires provides the convenience busy business owners need. Our easy-to-use self-service screening offers simple signup and results within minutes. No lengthy credentialing required! All you need to start is your applicant’s email address, and they take care of the rest. The entire process is completed online, and you can easily access reports on your employer dashboard at any time.

2. Reports Now

Results Delivered in Minutes

When making a hire, there’s no time to waste. Quicker turnaround on screening means more productivity for your business. ShareAble for Hires offers background reports delivered in minutes. Once your job candidate approves the screening request, our screening services crawl over 400 million criminal records, 230 million credit histories and 100 million employment records across 50 states to return accurate information. We deliver the results of these searches within minutes—ensuring you can move forward with your hire as quickly as possible. 

ShareAble for Hires uses sophisticated record matching logic to match a criminal record to the offender. This means more accurate results and few false positive matches.

Straightforward Pricing

With no subscriptions, no memberships, minimums, or setup fees, ShareAble for Hires offers a straightforward way to pay for employment screening. Choose from two screening packages to get the information you need to properly vet your job candidate. Whether you screen once or 50 times per year, only pay for the service when you need it.


3. Hire Now

ShareAble for Hires allows you to make a confident hiring decision on the spot. Don’t sweat about losing your candidate due to waiting on reports. Because all the reports you need are delivered within minutes, you can get back to business in no time at all.

Reports Designed to Comply with the FCRA

ShareAble for Hires provides comprehensive, reliable information to help you confirm your hiring decision. Our reports come with specialized compliance filters that follow all applicable state and federal laws.

Immediate Access to Full Credit Reports

Most screening companies require an employer to go through a lengthy membership process in order to pull credit. This process can be extensive; you may be prompted to verify your business through an onsite inspection, pay additional fees, and complete paperwork before you can begin screening your job candidate. ShareAble for Hires helps the employer avoid this process by offering a compliant credit “push,” whereby the applicant pulls their own credit and pushes it to the employer. This enables employers to receive full credit check for employment report in minutes.

Trusted Brand

Our reports are delivered from TransUnion, a trusted company with over 40 years of experience in the credit reporting industry. We search over 400 million criminal records from state and national databases and over 230 million credit histories to deliver accurate results fast. 

Confidence in Your Results

We provide accurate reports so you can be sure the results you receive are up to date and reliable. Additionally, our sophisticated match logic uses our vast credit, personal, and address history databases to more accurately match criminal hits to criminal offenders so you can be confident in your results.  

Comprehensive Coverage

Our comprehensive reports give you the information you need to make a better-informed hiring decision. Our reports provide 50 state coverage that include 400 million criminal records across state and federal databases.  Our full credit reports search over 230 million credit histories and over 100 million employment records, and are delivered direct from TransUnion, one of the big three credit reporting agencies.


ShareAble for Hires is tailored to the needs of today’s small business owner. Our pre-employment screening service allows you to get reliable, accurate criminal and credit reports while also freeing up your time to focus on other business needs.

Sign up now, receive reports now, and most importantly, hire now. Take the work out of employment screening with ShareAble for Hires, and confirm your hiring decision today.  

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