Top Employment Screening Articles for Small Businesses in 2021

Top Employment Screening Articles for Small Businesses in 2021

While remote work continued to make the workforce even more global in 2021, many small businesses weathered unprecedented staffing shortages. In this revolving door of talent, managers work faster than ever to find reliable people to cover shifts and fill roles.

Now, more than ever, SMB owners and hiring managers need to be flexible with their hiring processes. ShareAble® for Hires works fast to create trust and build confidence in your hiring decisions. Gain access to view applicant credit, criminal, and ID verification reports in just minutes.

Below, are the most popular ShareAble blog articles for 2021. These guides and write-ups focus on providing tips and information to help small business owners recruit and retain employees, parse through applicant resumes, and minimize hiring risks.

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Effective Employee Retention Strategies for Small Businesses

Retain Your Most Valued Employees

It’s one thing to hire the perfect staff, nowadays, you have to work even harder to keep them. Global health issues have the business world in constant flux—you must keep your employees motivated and engaged more than ever before. This process is integral to running a successful business.

In this article, we share some of the best employee retention to keep your small business’s staff for the long haul.

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How to Hire the Best Employees for Your Small Business

How to hire best employees graphic

Of course, before you can even begin to focus on retention, you must put in the legwork to make sure the staff you are hiring are quality additions. A strong employee can add value to your company directly through their work, as well as through the support of their colleagues. Hiring the wrong candidate can impact morale across the whole team, leading to decreased productivity.

This guide lists some of the best ways to filter through your applicants to find the best potential hires.

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Where to Get a Background Check for Employment

Where to get a background check graphic

Getting a background check on a potential hire is an important part of verifying whether or not an individual would be a good fit for your organization. However, running a background can often be a bit convoluted and, depending on how you obtain the information, can vary in the time it takes to process, cost, and accuracy. Our guide breaks down all of the ways you can run a pre-employment background check. The good news is you can take the stress out of the process with near-instant online employment screening from ShareAble for Hires.

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Tips & Strategies to Recruit & Retain Millennial Employees

In 2016, millennials became the largest generation represented in the nation’s workforce. It’s important to learn the best strategies for recruiting this key demographic. Knowing what makes a millennial more interested in certain employers and job opportunities could help you to get a leg up in recruiting them and keeping them on your staff.

This blog post uncovers why millennials make such great employees, what they desire in a job, and how you can make them want to work for your company.

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Tips on How to Use Job Interview Scorecards for Better Hiring Decisions

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When interviewing for a new opening on your team, it can be difficult to pick one candidate over another. As fiercely competitive as the job market is, it’s not uncommon to have several prospective employees that all look like a great fit after interviewing. But how can you choose? By using interview scorecards, hiring committees can rank and evaluate candidates objectively. This makes the comparison and shortlisting processes much quicker and easier, and can help to streamline your hiring process.

And, as an added bonus, you can be sure that your new hire will be a great fit. This article runs through some of the metrics and qualifiers you can use throughout the interview process to assist during decision time.

ShareAble Helps Reduce Hiring Risk

Unlike other online pre-employment screening solutions, there’s no waiting or red tape slowing you down when you use ShareAble for Hires. It is authorized for generally 100% of small businesses and delivers near-instant background, credit, and identification reports that enable you to safely share, verify, and protect sensitive personal data.

When you need to hire on-the-spot, ShareAble helps you get up and running quickly. Reports are FCRA-compliant and intended to help small businesses make more informed hiring decisions.

You are legally required to verify employment authorization, and these requirements are enforced by the USCIS.

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