How do I see the tradelines on my credit report?

Simply log in to your ShareAble for Hires dashboard, and then click into your screening request to view your credit report.

How to locate your tradelines

Your tradelines will appear under the Tradeline Summary, which provides a snapshot of active accounts, such as credit cards, auto loans or student loans.


What are tradelines?

Tradelines, an industry term, describes consumer accounts, including credit accounts or lines of credit. This information is reported to consumer reporting agencies and appears on a credit report. The types of accounts that can be classified as tradelines include credit cards, auto loans, mortgage, lines of credit and other types of debt obligations. Tradelines show payment history on a credit report.


The types of information in tradelines can include:

  • Account name–with lender’s name and address
  • Account type–such as revolving, installment, mortgage, open and closed
  • Credit limit–maximum amount of credit extended
  • Credit balance–current level of debt
  • Account responsibility–defines authorized users such as individual, joint or cosigner
  • Status of payment
  • Date of delinquency
  • Date opened and closed


Tradelines show payment history

Tradelines can also include detail about your payment history on your credit report. It shows current and past payment history on your accounts and if payments are being made on time. If you’ve made late payments, then the degree of lateness is further described in buckets of 30, 60, 90, 120 or 180 days in arrears.

However, if a lender determines that they are unlikely to be paid, then other kinds payment statuses will be noted.

Tradeline payment history can include significantly delinquent accounts, which are accounts that are severely overdue. If there are overdue accounts that a creditor has sold to a professional collections agency, then it will be noted in the “Collections” summary. Collection information is kept on an applicant’s credit report for seven years from the most recent activity date.

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