How does the background check process work?

We’ve made the screening process easy


We’ve designed a pre-employment screening program that’s tailored for busy small business owners and operators.

You need screening that’s accessible anywhere, provides high-quality data, and delivers reports fast to keep pace with your staffing needs. ShareAble for Hires is a no-hassle solution that enables you to sign-up easily and transact immediately.

How long is the background process from start to finish?

Our background check hiring process is streamlined, simple and convenient. Because you want to hire your star candidate as soon as possible, our self-service screening empowers you to take control of the process so you can hire faster. When you’re ready to start the screening process, all you need is Internet access and the applicant’s email address to initiate screening.

You’ll use ShareAble for Hires to send the applicant a screening invitation. After the applicant answers a few questions to verify their identity, the reports are sent to you in minutes. You’ll have essential background and credit history information to help confirm your hiring decision.

We’re the solution to slow background checks.

  • No calling to enroll – you simply sign-up free online and begin screening immediately.
  • No onsite credentialing – you get access to reports without site inspections.
  • No onerous paperwork – you transfer administrative workload to the applicant and us.
  • No confusing pricing – you get three screening package options and straightforward pricing with no hidden fees, no setup fees, and no minimum commitments.

You won’t sacrifice accuracy, quality or compliance for speed


ShareAble for Hires pre-employment screening service is backed by TransUnion, a company with over four decades of experience as a leading consumer reporting agency. Embedded in our employee background check process is built-in applicant identity verification, which gives you confidence that your applicant is who they say they are. Our sophisticated technology searches enormous databases containing millions of records delivering accurate results in a matter of minutes. Our superior matching logic ensures the reports we deliver on your candidate are, in fact, matched to the correct person, giving you confidence in the data we deliver. Finally, we provide reports that comply with Fair Credit Reporting Agency (FCRA) standards for accuracy.

How does the pre-employment background check process work?

  • You create a ShareAble for Hires account and we email a screening request to your applicant.
  • Applicant accepts screening request, enters their SSN into the system and answers questions designed to verify their identity.
  • Once the applicant’s identity is verified, reports are sent directly to you and your applicant within minutes.
ShareAble for Hires three steps to complete screening

There are many benefits to using ShareAble for Hires


Immediate access

Screening with ShareAble for Hires is done entirely online when you need it. There’s no lengthy enrollment process or onerous paperwork to complete. When you’re ready to get started with the screening process, all you need is your applicant’s email address. Once your applicant verifies their identity through ShareAble for Hires’ secure site, the reports are delivered to you and your applicant in minutes.

Pay as you go

No memberships, no setup fees, no hidden fees and no minimum commitments. Whether you do one screening per year or you do 100, you only pay for ShareAble for Hires when you use it. With three pricing tiers, you can pick the screening package that works best for your business.

Reports delivered in minutes

Our online process means you get reports delivered fast. As soon as your applicant verifies their identity through ShareAble for Hires’ secure site the reports will be delivered to you and your applicant.

ShareAble enables trust and transparency through the hiring process

Entirely online

The credit and criminal background screening process is completed entirely online for your convenience. Simply create your account and start screening right away. When you’re ready to initiate the pre-employment screening process, all you need to begin is your applicant’s email address.

Reduced paperwork burden

In order to initiate the screening process, all you need to do is to create an account and invite your applicant to screen. Your applicant and ShareAble for Hires do the rest.

Everything in one place

The ShareAble for Hires employer dashboard makes it easy to manage all your screenings in one place. Easily refer to the statuses and reports on current and past applicants.

Make the right hire, right now

ShareAble for Hires is your solution to making faster, more informed hiring decisions. We give small businesses unprecedented access to pre-employment screening services, backed by TransUnion, a trusted consumer reporting agency with over 40 years of industry experience.

  • With ShareAble for Hires, you’ll get to transact immediately after you create an account.
  • With ShareAble for Hires, you’ll be able to screen at your convenience, day or night with our web-based solution.
  • With ShareAble for Hires, you’ll get FCRA-compliant and reliable reports.
  • With ShareAble for Hires, you'll get accurate, actionable information that can inspire confidence that the data you’re using will help you make a more informed hiring decision.
  • With ShareAble for Hires, you’ll get fast results. Don’t risk losing that special candidate due to a slow screening process.

Get reliable results in minutes with ShareAble for Hires and hire with confidence today.

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